Satisfaction Guarantee

At Conexión Ganadera we provide the finest Uruguayan beef possible, from a handful of beautiful ranches committed to raising cattle in a truly traditional method. Our beef comes from cattle that never see confinement or a feedlot, and instead live free-range on the bounty of the earth, 12 months a year. Unlike most other beef producers our cattle only eat and live off of the pastureland, are never given antibiotics, hormones, or fed animal by-products and are never finished by fattening with grain feeding.

Not only do we guarantee that our products are fresh, all natural and healthy, we also provide the accountability that the world has come to know only from Uruguayan beef. By equipping each animal with state-of-the-art traceability tags, the breeder, the butcher, and even the end consumer can follow individual beef cuts back to the original ranch.

Conexión Ganadera guarantees the safety of any and all personal information of our customers collected and stored on Your personal information is collected and stored in order to customize and expedite your shopping experience. By using you grant express consent to the collection and use of your personally identifying information. Please read our “Privacy Policy” for more details.

Conexión Ganadera guarantees that your order will be delivered fresh or frozen, depending on order specifics, overnight. We ship all of our products overnight, using UPS. All beef cuts are prepared in a sanitary USDA certified environment, and are individually shrink-wrapped in plastic packaging displaying the official Stradivarius label. All orders are assembled in an insulated foam shipping kit, using frozen cold-packs that stay colder than ice, meant to preserve all products during delivery.

In order to insure successful delivery, orders may be shipped to either a residential or business address. Please make sure someone will be present to accept the package when it arrives; UPS will not leave any package unaccepted, i.e. on a doorstep, and not receiving the package at the time of delivery will void any available refund.

Should customer have a concern:

If you receive your order and are unsatisfied, please call our customer service number at 508-319-1906, and explain your concern. We will refund all problematic orders due to damaged packaging and/or the arrival of a spoiled product. Please do not return any spoiled product for we will not accept the return of any perishable item and we will not refund the shipping cost of the returned package.

Customers will void any available refund if; 1. The package was not accepted and signed for at the time of delivery; 2. The customer provides an incorrect shipping address leading to a delivery delay and the spoiling of the product.  Once multiple (2) refunds have been requested from the same recipient, management reserves the right to examine the case more closely and deny any refund if fraudulent activities are found or suspected. Management reserves the right to refuse order service to anyone, regardless of suspected and/or proven fraudulent activities.