STRADIVARIUS is our Mark of Excellence in Beef

The advantage of an innovative and successful company like Conexión Ganadera is its guaranteed quality, with a permanent holding of 60,000 selected animals, together with 80 producers who specialize in meats and cuts for export.


Stradivarius animals are USDA-certified free of hormones and antibiotics.


Each Stradivarius animal carries an ear tag along all its life and can be tracked through the chain.


To assure tenderness, Stradivarius cattle goes to market at 24-36 months.

Animal Welfare

Stradivarius animals are never confined. They roam free in pastures.

Natural Diet

Stradivarius animals eat only fresh green grass 365 days of the year.


Stradivarius-branded animals are carefully selected by hand.

Our Brand

Our great holdings allow us to be consistent in the markets we supply, ensuring quality, and a variety of cuts and stock. For 20 years, the owners of the company have been directly responsible for the selection of each of the animals to be exported. We are involved in every detail of the business, from production to final consumption in any specialized Meat Market or Gourmet Restaurant in the United States; and that makes a difference.

There are strict regulations in Uruguay which protect production. Our animals live outdoors all year on endless natural pastures which stretch past the horizon, and we know the history of each one of them thanks to the mandatory traceability program which forces us to improve every day to achieve excellence in each of our products.

The success of our cuts in all the US taste tests is confirmation that we are on the right track. Our beef stands out for its unique flavor, which comes only from animals fed exclusively on natural grass. We achieve the highest possible tenderness in grass-fed beef, because we only export cuts from heiffers (24-36 months), which are 20% more tender.

Gourmet chefs who specialize in beef prefer small and tasty cuts and STRADIVARIUS can guarantee that quantity and variety of cuts with exceptional quality.

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Our Country

Uruguay is the paradise for raising English breeds such as Angus and Hereford. Located between the heat of the tropics and the snows of the south, Uruguay has four seasons with a temperate climate, uniquely rich water, and temperate pastures of the highest quality which cover the whole country.

Livestock has been the economic, social and cultural engine of Uruguay, the driving force in the country’s history and in the daily life of its people. The tradition of the Gaucho and the Estancias in the breeding of livestock is passed down from generation to generation. Uruguay has a centuries-old culture in beef production, its main export product, and Uruguayans are the largest beef consumers per capita in the world. We are very good at soccer, yes, but unbeatable in the production of quality meats.

Three million Uruguayans and twelve million cattle. Uruguay has the largest relative population of cattle in the world and this scale ensures the stock of quality cuts to supply any market with a very high level of consistency. 90% of Uruguay’s cattle are raised in natural fields and cutting-edge genetics techniques are used to breed the best animals.

Our Team

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Pablo Carrasco
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