Uruguay is the paradise for breeding English breeds such as Angus and Hereford. Located between the heat of the tropics and the snows of the south, Uruguay has four seasons with a temperate climate, uniquely rich water, and temperate pastures of the highest quality which cover the whole country.

Livestock has been the economic, social and cultural engine of Uruguay, the driving force in the country’s history and in the daily life of its people.

The tradition of the Gaucho and the Estancias in the breeding of livestock is passed down from generation to generation.

Uruguay has a centuries-old culture in beef production, its main export product, and Uruguayans are the largest beef consumers in the world per capita.
We are very good at soccer, yes, but unbeatable in the production of quality meats.

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3 million Uruguayans and 12 million cattle. Uruguay has the largest relative population of cattle in the world and this scale ensures the stock of quality cuts to supply any market with a very high level of consistency. 90% of Uruguay’s cattle are raised in natural fields and cutting-edge genetics techniques are used to fatten the animals for pasture.